Table 2. Proportion of patients with type 2 diabetes attaining treatment targetsa for HbA1c, SBP, lipids, and smoking, stratified by patient status regarding CHD and stroke
Attained targetsaWith CHD, %(= 2260)Without CHD, %(= 7970)With stroke, %(= 759)Without stroke, %(= 9480)
Targets and other cut-off valuesValid cases (%)

≤ 7.0% (≤ 53 mmol/mol)8958.6c62.761.461.8
> 9.0% (>75 mmol/mol)
Systolic blood pressure (SBP)a
Percent attaining overall SBP target7465.165.766.765.6
SBP >140 mmHg8729.028.627.428.8
LDL-cholesterol ≤1.8(mmol/l)6830---
LDL-cholesterol <2.5(mmol/l)6867.9c41.564.3c46.2
No daily smoking8379.1b76.976.477.5
Proportions achieving specified number of targets
Achieving no target8.
Achieving one target92.090.591.691.1
Achieving two targets63.364.966.766.3
Achieving three targets27.929.833.731.7
Achieving four targets5.
  • Significance tests used are χ2 tests for categorical variables. aTreatment targets for patients with CHD are: HbA1c <7.0%, SBP target <135 mmHg medicated or <140 mmHg unmedicated, LDL-cholesterol <1.8 mmol/l, no smoking. For patients without CHD, the intervention threshold for LDL-cholesterol are LDL >3.5 mmol/l, with treatment target LDL <2.5 mmol/l. bP<0.05, cP<0.001.

  • CHD = coronary heart disease. LDL = low-density lipoprotein. SBP = systolic blood pressure.