Table 3. Prescriptions during the last 15 months for primary and secondary prevention in patients with type 2 diabetes, CHD, and stroke.
TreatmentPrimary preventionSecondary prevention
No CVD, %
n = 7511
Females, %
n = 3687
Males, %
n = 3824
CHD, %
n = 2260
Stroke, %
n = 759
Attained SBP targets65.764.167.0a65.166.7
Blood pressure medication
ACE inhibitors or aII-receptor blockers47.748.746.861.5b58.0b
Calcium channel blockers (dihydropyridines)23.122.323.829.1b34.1b
Other BP medication1.61.22.0a2.9b2.2
Mean number of BP medications (SD)1.2 (1.3) (1.4)d 1.9 (1.4)d
No BP medication42.839.546.0b15.8b21.6b
Patients with SBP above target, and not prescribed medication26.9--14.317.3
Attainment of LDL target---30-
Lipid-lowering medication
No lipid-lowering medication53.953.754.022.7b32.7b
Anti-platelet therapy22.821.624.1a74.6b66.3b
  • Significance test performed with Poisson regression analysis comparing medication for males versus females, CHD versus non-CHD patients, and stroke versus non-stroke patients, respectively. 

  • aP<0.05. bP<0.001. Significance test performed with χ2 test comparing males versus females, CHD versus non-CHD, stroke versus non-stroke, respectively.cP<0.05.dP<0.001.

  • ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme. BP = blood pressure. CHD = coronary heart disease. CVD = cardiovascular disease. LDL = low-density lipoprotein. SBP = systolic blood pressure. SD = standard deviation.