Table 4. Results regarding access to clinical advice, management of patients with gonococcal positive NAATs, and referral pathway for GUM
When seeking advice on STI, who would you contact?n (%)
GUM104 (87)
Primary care colleague30 (25)
Primary care facilitator1 (1)
Ask a colleague17 (14)
BNF39 (33)
Phone microbiologist33 (28)
Other, please specify4 (3)
Total responses, n119
What form of real time clinical advice on sexual health/STI would you find most helpful?
Online electronic messaging service to lab consultants e.g. kinesis, email45 (42)
Advice embedded within electronic requesting (e.g. sample or test choice), or reporting (e.g. antibiotic choice) systems88 (83)
Information leaflet on the management of gonorrhoea31 (29)
Clinical advice by telephone on a positive result/confirmation66 (62)
Other, please specify7 (7)
Total responses, n106
With reference to the management of patients with suspected gonorrhoea (ie, they have positive molecular NAAT test) do you ... ?
Refer all patients83 (81)
Refer only complicated cases of infection to a GUM clinic16 (16)
Treat all patients at surgery4 (4)
Total responses, n103
  • BNF = British National Formulary. GUM = genito-urinary medicine. HIV= human immunodeficiency virus. NAAT = nucleic acid amplification test. STI = sexually transmitted infection.