Table 1. Demographics, health behaviours and knowledge for responders, by professional group
All (n = 302)GP (= 166)GP registrar(= 65)Nurse (= 71)
Age, years
Mean (SD)44.8 (10.6)48.5 (9.0)32.0 (4.7)48.1 (8.8)
Sex, %
Ethnic origin,%
Mixed/multiple ethnic groups0.30.6–
Asian/Asian British3036451.4
Black/African/Caribbean/black British3.
Other ethnic group3.01.99.2–
Which of the following best describes your own smoking habits? %
I currently smoke 40 or more cigarettes per day–
I currently smoke between 20 and 40 cigarettes per day–
I currently smoke under 20 cigarettes per day1.3–
I used to smoke regularly, but have now given up1110521
I have never smoked, or never smoked regularly87909473
Concerning your own weight, do you consider yourself to be? %
Very underweight0.3–
Slightly underweight2.74.31.6–
About right49515837
Slightly overweight42403454
Very overweight6.
In the past week, on how many days have you done a total of 30 minutes or more of physical activity, which was enough to raise your breathing rate? %
Mean (SD)2.41 (1.86)2.36 (1.85)2.17 (1.72)2.75 (2.00)
How many minutes per week of moderate intensity physical activity should an adult undertake to meet the current UK physical activity guidelines?  (Correct answer is 150 mins moderate activity/week)
Mean (SD) [range]122 (81)128 (96)
125 (53)
104 (58) 
How many days a week should an adult undertake physical activity to improve their muscle strength to meet the current UK physical activity guidelines?  (Correct answer is 2 days each week)
Mean (SD) [range]4.13 (1.31)4.1 (1.4) [0–7]4.1 (1.1) [2–7]4.3 (1.3) [2–7]
  • Participants were asked to declare their occupation, a total of 166 GPs (partner/salaried or locum), 65 GP registrars and 71 nurses responded. In addition, responses were obtained from three medical students, and one retired GP. Eight responders specified another occupation (including several foundation-level doctors, and a prescribing advisor), and two responders did not give a response for their occupation. Subsequent analysis was performed for the GP, GP registrar, and nurse groups, with the remainder of the responders (n = 14) excluded from analysis, giving a sub-group analysis total of 302 responders.