Table 5. Displaying the proportion agreeing/disagreeing with statements about physical activity and health outcomes
StatementStrongly agree, %Agree, %Neither agree nor disagree, %Disagree, %Strongly disagree, %
Physical activity can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease6533 20 0
Physical activity can be an effective treatment for depression6237100
Physical activity can help treat type 2 diabetes6137100
Adults should minimise the amount of time being sedentary for extended periods of time5739220
Physical activity can improve mobility and balance5543110
Physical activity can both prevent and treat lower back pain3857301
Adults who are physically active have a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer than inactive adults37501102
Physical activity can significantly reduce hospital admissions for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease28581113
Physical activity can prevent the development of osteoarthritis25511618
Physical activity can reduce the risk of the development of glaucomaa 4960622
The only health benefit physical activity has is in in assisting weight lossa 4235537
Physical activity can treat haemophiliaa 22461633
  • aThought to be a false answer question, used to identify positive responses