Table 2. Overall knowledge about Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/American College of Sports Medicine PA guidelines (n = 285)
PA guidelines % correct
 Minimum days per week53.3
 Minimum minutes per day65.6
 Vigorous activity needed to achieve a health benefit79.9
 Moderate activity is beneficial65.3
 Three 10-minute bouts of exercise35.2
 Minimum of 30 minutes per day74.6
 Mean per cent correct for 6 items62.3
Traditional PA
 Aerobic class84.2
 Recreational sports86.9
 Weight lifting56.3
 Mean per cent correct for 8 items84.5
Lifestyle PA
 Household cleaning56.2
 Furniture moving34.4
 Gardening and lawn work53.7
 Preparing meals42.3
 Playing a musical instrument41.5
 Raking leaves62.5
 Mean per cent correct for 6 items48.4
Mean per cent correct for 20 items 67.0
  • PA = physical activity.