Box 1. Coding framework
Patient perspective
Patient education Information Written information as reference for arising questions
Lack of interest
Refusal of informationRecall of burdensome memories
Education sessionNo recall of education
Effect on health behaviour
Monitoring Questioning Safety
Personal attention
Encourages personal reflection on health
Recall of burdensome memories
Care Helpful talking
Practical help
Lack of practical support and direct help
Feedback of results Feedback not noticed
Feedback noticed, not discussed with GP
Results discussed with GP
GP considered monitoring results irrelevant
GPs’ perspective
Patient education Not noticed
Considered unnecessary
Patient autonomy improves GP care
Monitoring Effects on care Enhances patient wellbeing
Additional medical information
Unnecessary for uncomplicated patient
Not time saving
Delegation Personal patient contact necessary
Time and money expenses
Burden for patients
Benefits of delegationAdditional perspective
Additional home visit
Active questioning
Implementation of therapy No problemsProblems expectes in similar patients in different circumstances (location, insurance status)
Financial strains
Problems of avaibility
Problems of transport