Box 1. Early child development care in private GP clinics (adapted from the published protocol). 10
Intervention clinics
Mother–child carea
  • Standard counselling session using pictorial flipbook:

    • childhood nutrition

    • development

    • maternal mental health

  • Assessment and treatment (including referral to specialist) of childhood nutrition, development, or maternal depression.

  • Follow-up of mother–child pairs in clinic at 3, 6 and 9 months (including SMS or telephone reminder, if required)

Training of private doctors and clinic assistants
  • Clinic assistants training:

    • Conducting a standardised counselling session using the flipbook

    • Measurement and recording child length and weight

  • Private GPs training:

    • Clinical management of children with malnutrition and developmental delays in the private clinic setting.

    • How to assess the mother–child pair for a specialist referral, when required, to the appropriate public tertiary care facility.

  • aControl clinics continued with usual routine care.