Table 1. Characteristics of participants
Participant numberSexAge, yearsQualificationGP experience, yearsWorking days, (days/week)Practice characteristics
Young versus olda Predominantly Dutch versus multicultural Rural versus urban
1F44MD174.0YoungPredominantly DutchUrban
2M37MD84.0YoungPredominantly DutchUrban
3F59MD324.0YoungPredominantly DutchRural
4M52MD135.0YoungPredominantly DutchUrban
5F41MD93.0YoungPredominantly DutchUrban
6M33MD54.5OldPredominantly DutchSemi-rural
7M60MD234.0OldPredominantly DutchSemi-rural
8M62MD364.0OldPredominantly DutchRural
9F32MD43.0OldPredominantly DutchRural
10F52MD254.0OldPredominantly DutchRural
11F59MD, PhD283.0OldPredominantly DutchUrban
12M62MD324.0YoungPredominantly DutchUrban
  • aA young practice is defined as over 10.9% of patients in practice being aged <10 years. Cut-off value is based on national figures; in the Netherlands 10.9% of the population is aged <10 years.23

  • F = female. M = male. MD =┬ámedical doctor. PhD = doctor of philosophy.