Table 4. Comparisons of patients’ and their GPs’ expectations regarding healthcare-seeking behaviour. Multiple logistic regression (GEE), corrected for patients’ age and sex, GPs’ age and sex, size of patient lists, and geographical location of practice. OR indicates the probability of the GPs answering Yes, with patients as reference group
Will people with the following complaints usually visit their GP?GPs (reference: patients)
OR 95% CI P value
Severe cough3.41.1 to 10.50.04
Abdominal pain2.71.2 to 6.50.02
Deteriorating vision4.2a 2.5 to 6.9<0.001
Sprained ankle1.41.0 to 2.00.07
Anxiety3.0a 1.5 to 6.00.002
Relationship problems1.51.1 to 2.10.02
Sexual problems1.8a 1.3 to 2.60.001
  • aIndicates significant differences, P≤0.002. CI = confidence intervals. GEE = generalised estimating equation. OR = odds ratio.