Table 2 Characteristics of CAM use (n = 766)
Type of CAM practitioner
Massage practitioner14319
Yoga teacher527
Physiotherapist-delivered CAM415
Pilates teacher284
Meditation and/or mindfulness teacher203
Reiki practitioner172
Chinese herbal medical practitioner122
Number of times they saw the CAM practitioner in the past 12 months
Once a year18524
2–3 times21128
4–6 times17723
Once or twice a month115 15
Once or twice a week689
More than twice a week81
Don’t know2<1
Route to CAM practitioner
I found them myself or they were recommended by friend/family53970
My GP referred or recommended me13317
Another NHS health professional (for example consultant) referred me334
Another complementary practitioner referred or recommended me334
My GP or another NHS health professional I was seeing provided the complementary treatment themselves142
Through company or work insurance111
Payment for treatment by CAM practitioners
I or my family/friend paid for all of it51067
The NHS paid for all of it 10313
I or my family/friend paid for part of it507
My health insurance paid for all of it223
Free (general)162
The NHS paid for part of it152
Another organisation, such as a charity, paid for all of it142
Don’t know2<1
Cost per visit to the CAM practitionera
Less than £107614
Between £11 and £205510
Between £21 and £3012623
Between £31 and £4016329
Between £41 and £507313
Between £51 and £60356
Between £60 and £100234
Over £10051
Prefer not to say/don’t know3<1
aThis only applies to the n = 560 who paid for all or part of the CAM themselves