Table 2: Outcome after 12 months (= 19)a
Outcomen (%)
Patient satisfaction
Satisfied (score ≥3)14 (74)
Unsatisfied (score <3)2 (11)
Too many items rated as ‘not applicable’3 (16)
General healthb 52.4 (18.4)
Prostate-related symptoms
Severe incontinence9 (47)
Severe bowel problems2 (11)
Severe fatigue7 (37)
Healthcare providers visited in past 12 months
GP19 (100)
Practice nurse7 (37)
Specialist (excluding urologist)6 (32)
Physiotherapist5 (26)
Urologistc 4 (21)
  • aOne patient died during the observation period, so no outcome was recorded. bMeasured 12 months after inclusion with the ‘general health’ subscale of the RAND-36: five items, measured on a 5-point Likert-scale. cThree patients were referred back to the urologist and one saw the urologist because he inadvertently received a letter that he had missed his follow-up visit at the hospital.