Table 2. Participant responses to decision tool questions
BeliefsResponsen (%)
Could you do more physical activity?Yes19 (82.6)
Could you eat more healthily?Yes11 (47.8)
Could you fit more fruit and vegetables into your day?Yes10 (43.5)
Could you reduce the salt, sugar, and fat you eat?Yes14 (60.9)
I’m worried about not exercising or eating as advisedStrongly agree4 (17.4)
Agree13 (56.5)
Neither2 (8.7)
Disagree4 (17.4)
Strongly disagree0 (0.0)
I need other people to help me make lifestyle changesStrongly agree4 (17.4)
Agree7 (30.4)
Neither1 (4.3)
Disagree9 (39.1)
Strongly disagree2 (8.7)
My time and finances are such that I could fit in more physical activity or try a healthier dietStrongly agree2 (8.7)
Agree10 (43.5)
Neither3 (13.0)
Disagree6 (26.1)
Strongly disagree2 (8.7)
Making changes to my lifestyle could improve my health, including how I feel now and in the futureTrue19 (82.6)
If I am currently doing physical activity and eating a diet as recommended, I don’t need to make any lifestyle changesTrue9 (39.1)
If I decide to make lifestyle changes, I realise that there are different ways of doing thisTrue22 (95.7)
I can choose whatever physical activity and/or dietary modifications that fit best into my lifeTrue21 (91.3)
I realise that plenty of support and advice is available to meTrue15 (65.2)
Are you clear about what is most important to you in relation to your physical activity or diet?Yes22 (95.7)
Do you have enough support and advice from others to make a decision about lifestyle changes?Yes16 (69.6)
I’m ready to take actionYes15 (65.2)
I want to discuss my options with othersYes7 (30.4)
I want more information about my optionsYes14 (60.9)