Table 1. Survival rates in chronic heart failure
StudySettingTotal participantsParticipants with HFCountryAverage age at outset, years1-year survival, %2-year survival, %5-year survival, %10-year survival, %
Mosterd et al 20015Participants from Rotterdam population study screened for diagnosis or symptoms of HF5255181The Nether-lands68.9897959
Nielsen et al 20036Cross-sectional sample from three general practices, screened for participants with diagnosis or symptoms of HF2157
including control group (571) and heart disease but no HF (218)
67 with community managed HF:
33 in hospital managed HF comparator

Hobbs et al 20077Participants from UK general practice screened for HF6162
including 1062 at high risk for HF and 982 on diuretics at baseline
Previous clinical label of HF ( 782)UK64.2

Tsutsui et al 20078Data from The Cardiac Registry of Heart Failure in General Practice26851280 followed-up in hospital and 1405 by GPJapan7490.9

Pons et al 20109Consecutive sample from outpatient HF clinic960All followed-up in outpatient cardiology clinicSpain6989.4

Taylor et al 201210As per Hobbs et al 2007 paper:7 10-year follow-up of ECHOES cohortSee aboveSee aboveUK64.2

Taylor et al 201711Survival analysis using UK primary care records from The Health Improvement Network54 313All with first diagnosis of HFUK76.581.3
  • ECHOES = Echocardiographic Heart of England Screening (ECHOES). HF = heart failure.